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Tools for CANopen

Software tools from Vector offer a wide range of capabilities for simulation, development, analysis, testing and diagnostics of CANopen systems and components.

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Benefit from the functions
of the CANopen Tools.

CANdb: Data management program for the definition of the communication relationships in networks. EDS Editor for CANopen Source code to make the implementation of CANopen devices easier CANoe.CANopen for simulation of CANopen networks CANalyzer.CANopen for analysis of CANopen networks ProCANopen for project planning and configuration of CANopen networks Vector can develop embedded software for your specific hardware. This could include integration of our standard software in your devices. Hardware interfaces for CANopen networks


CANoe.CANopen Development and Test of CANopen networks:
  • Create simulation environments (rest-of-bus simulation) for CANopen systems
  • Run environment for the simulation
  • Test generation
CANalyzer.CANopen Analysis of CANopen networks:
  • Analyze and log the data traffic in CANopen networks
  • Stimulate message sequences
  • Play back recorded message sequences (Replay)
  • Configure CANopen devices
ProCANopen Project planning and configuration of CANopen networks:
  • Comprehensive graphic configuration of CANopen devices in the network
  • Project planning for entire CANopen networks
CANeds EDS Editor for CANopen:
  • Create and check EDS files (Electronic Data Sheet)
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