Project Planning Tool for CANopen Networks

ProCANopen is used for the planning of CANopen networks. Additional areas of application are:

  • Test tool during development: With interactive configuration and setting of parameters, the functionality of devices can be tested.
  • Start-up and programming of devices
  • Start-up of CANopen networks and diagnostics

Features and Advantages

ProCANopen enables the efficient and quick planning of complete CANopen networks as well as devices. The user is supported in all project phases, including planning, development, start-up, and service. Through the extensive functions, combined with an intuitive user interface, the user can concentrate immediately on the definition of the system parameters. ProCANopen executes the concrete and CANopen-conforming implementation of projects automatically. This significantly reduces the configuration effort required for extensive systems. The quality of the configuration thus created is increased, which in turn increases security on the system.


ProCANopen offers many functions. It is oriented towards the process of planning CANopen networks. Specifically, its features are:

  • Structuring the task
  • Device selection/Device design
  • Definition of process data
  • Definition of communication parameters
  • Definition of device parameters in the object directory
  • Comparison of the data with programming environment for programmable devices and masters, IEC61131, ASAM-GDI
  • Generation of additional export formats
  • Download of project data and start-up
  • System analysis and customer service
  • Documentation

Screenshot: ProCANopen enables clear and rapid configuration of CANopen networks and assigned devices.


ProCANopen Viewer

ProCANopen as Viewer only can be obtained from the CANalyzer/CANoe.CANopen Demo version and offers largely the same range of functions as the full version of ProCANopen. All that is lacking in ProCANopen as Viewer only, is the ability to save projects. With suitable hardware ProCANopen as Viewer only enables full access - e.g. reading in CANopen devices or configuring them - over the connected CANopen bus.

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