EDS files for CANopen devices

How do I create an EDS file?

With CANeds Vector offers an EDS editor which is included in the proven development tools CANoe.CANopen, CANalyzer.CANopen. CANeds handles the otherwise difficult and error-prone work of manually creating EDS files. With a suitable hardware interface, you can read out CANopen devices and automatically create EDS files. Only minor modifications need to be made to the generated EDS file afterwards. If no suitable hardware is available, CANeds supports you in creating the EDS file. This involves selecting objects from an object pool and combining them into an object directory. The EDS file’s conformance to the CANopen standard is assured by integrated checking mechanisms. The files may be saved in both the conventional INI format and the new XML format. It is also possible to perform conversions between the two formats.

How do I ensure the conformance of my EDS file?

The EDS editor CANeds checks the conformance of the EDS file to the CANopen standard.

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