CANoe.CANopen - Prototyping

Creating a network prototype in just a few steps

You are probably familiar with this situation: During an ECU development you want to start testing, but your ECU only operates properly if data is sent and received over the bus. Therefore, what you really need is an entire network to be able to perform a meaningful test.

Switches or potentiometers emulate the external inputs of your ECU, but how do you stimulate the related CAN messages on the bus? Is it really necessary to obtain all of the other ECUs in the system and connect them to the bus? This process often fails due to lack of availability of the ECUs and adds substantially to the costs involved.
However, there is an alternative:

You can define the entire network with the ProCANopen project planning tool contained within CANoe.CANopen and then, at the press of a key, generate the CAN communication for your system. This lets you access the object directories of the ECUs in your network as though they existed physically and, of course the PDO communication is simulated as well.

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