The EDS Generator for CANopen Systems

The editor/generator CANeds is a tool for creating and testing EDS files. CANeds takes over the difficult and error-prone task of creating EDS files manually. CANeds enables device manufacturers and system integrators to avoid problems when working with corresponding CANopen configuration programs.

CANeds provides the following functions:

  • Creation of new EDS files
  • Modification of EDS files
  • Testing of EDS files
  • Scanning of devices, with EDS files generated semi-automatically

Creating EDS files is very easy due to the ability of accessing standard objects and their attributes via CiA-CODB databases. CANeds displays the structure of an EDS in a hierarchical tree structure (see figure) and represents CANopen object attributes such as object and data types symbolically.


  • CANeds is integrated in the proven development tools CANoe.CANopen and CANalyzer.CANopen.

Screenshot: The CANeds interface for creating EDS files. The desired object entries can be taken over comfortably.

Integrated CANchkEDS

CANeds includes CANchkEDS for checking the correctness of EDS files. You can download the actual release here: CANchkEDS

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