Comprehensive Devices and Network Analysis for CANopen

CANalyzer's powerful functionality together with the functional expansions for CANopen gives the user a tool that can be used both in the development of CANopen systems as well as their startup and maintenance. CANalyzer.CANopen makes high-performance, CANopen-specific functions for analysis and configuration available to the developer. This is a prerequisite for reliable and efficient interaction with CANopen networks.

Application Areas

CANalyzer.CANopen enables CANopen-specific interpretation of data in the Trace Window. The primary application for the .CANopen Option for CANalyzer is the development of CANopen systems. In this environment the tool is primarily used to analyze and stimulate the CANopen-specific message traffic on one or more CAN buses.


CANalyzer.CANopen extends the functionality of the CANalyzer to include:

  • Protocol-specific representation in the Trace Window
  • Protocol monitoring
  • Graphical representation of devices
  • Network management, guarding, heartbeat
  • Setting the baud rate and node ID via Layer Setting Services
  • Use of the CiA standard file formats EDS/DCF
  • Configuration of CANopen devices

CANalyzer.CANopen now includes the project design tool ProCANopen and the EDS editor CANeds.

Screenshot: CANalyzer.CANopen enables CANopen-specific interpretation of data in the Trace Window.

Communication Monitoring

In a Trace Window the CAN message traffic is displayed while simultaneously interpreting the protocol information it contains. The user not only sees the service that is currently being executed, but can also see all relevant service parameters at a glance. This information is displayed in clear text. To simplify analysis, CANopen services are distinguished by different font and background colors. It gives the user a quick overview of the chronological order of individual protocol sequences for the observed CANopen services thereby making it significantly easier to localize errors in a real system.

Protocol Monitoring

CANalyzer.CANopen also monitors for the correctness of individual protocol sequences. This involves detection of whether the protocol information contained within a protocol sequence is properly entered in the CAN message.


Not only is the Trace Window provided for the analysis of CANopen data traffic, but also the familiar Data and Statistics Windows of the standard version of CANalyzer. The CANopen Scanner evaluates CAN messages and shows the active nodes in a list. Other node-specific information is also output, such as the node state and device name.

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