Add-On Packages for CiA Application Profiles

In developing a CANopen device, fundamental communication properties and specified requirements must be considered. The CANopen standard defines them in documents such as:

  • CiA301 Application layer and communication profile
  • CiA304 Framework for safety-relevant communication
  • CiA305 Layer setting services (LSS)

CANopen devices are used in many different applications. CANopen systems can be found in elevators, guided vehicle systems and hospital beds, for example. The specific applications are based on different behavior patterns of the devices. CiA describes these patterns in what are known as Application Profiles. Naturally, these different behavior patterns also affect the configuration, simulation and test tools that are used in CANopen systems.

The Vector tools CANoe.CANopen and CANalyzer.CANopen currently support the following application profiles:

  • Application profile for building door control (CiA 416)
  • Application profile for special-purpose car add-on devices (CiA 447)
  • Application Profile for Lift Control Systems (CiA 417)
  • Device profile for battery modules and battery chargers (CiA 418, CiA 419)
  • FireCAN (specified by leading manufacturers of fire-fighting vehicles and equipment, see German website

Add-Ons are available for CANoe.CANopen and CANalyzer.CANopen (primarily databases that describe application-specific messages). They can be downloaded at Vector’s Internet website free-of-charge. These Add-Ons let you extend the functional range of your devices to functions supported by the profiles.

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